Who We Are

Our Mission

Provide agencies, organizations and strategic partners an integrated platform with applications that will drive connected solutions for smarter cities, districts and industrial facilities.

Our History

CivicConnect has helped bridge the gap between growing technology and citizen engagement in the private and public sectors for over 15 years. We’ve helped cities and government agencies discover and plan for challenges that threaten the growth and agility of smart city operations:

  • Urgent communications affecting public safety & first responder deployments
  • Rapid population growth in urban areas leading to new challenges in multi-mode transportation, congestion and security and safety
  • Aging infrastructure affecting roadways, energy and water
  • Balancing the unique needs of citizens, state & local governments, public organizations and private enterprises

CivicConnect has developed a purpose-built technology stack that helps create a digital infrastructure for future growth. The adoption of smart solutions will be crucial in addressing the challenges of all cities, districts and industrial facilities: personal interaction, worker security and safety, urban mobility, economic development and the increase of IoT deployments. The CivicConnect technology suite enables cities, districts and industrial facilities to better serve the people who live and work within them.

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