Challenges Facing Mines

Recently there have been major catastrophic events caused by Mine Tailings around the world.

Most site operations are not instrumented to collect data for failure analysis and prevention.

Mines, dams, and storage locations are typically in remote locations requiring communications infrastructure and information systems between sites and corporate HQ.

Growing Safety and Security concerns for the site, personnel, and neighboring residents.

CivicConnect Solution

CivicConnect offers a cloud-based, single-stop IoT data management cloud and mobile software platform. The cloud platform aggregates and streamlines multi-site, real-time and static data sources (e.g., IoT sensor, enterprise systems, operations and geolocation information) that notifies and informs headquarters, operations, and field personnel. With the platform, IoT sensor data is collected and processed in a single, smart data unified management platform.


  • Proactive management of site, personnel, and public safety and security.
    Operationally, inform and notify field, site, and HQ personnel of site events in real time.
  • Collect, transform, visualize, and analyze worksites data.
  • With the use of Augmented Reality, enables contextual information exchanges via map and geolocation overlays.
  • Improve the operations and maintenance of site facilities with proactive data collection, analysis, and communication of incident events in real-time.
  • Fast application deployment to scale across a diverse set of use cases, users, networks, sites, and sensor types.