Challenges Facing Large-scale Urban Developments and Special Districts

Special neighborhood development regions being designated for economic development

These zones require information systems to digitize the special district economy (live, work, and play) and connecting people to the district community.

Smart Districts have the same challenges as Smart Cities but focuses primarily on economic development to cover citizens’ needs for transportation, healthcare, education, entertainment, energy, water, and safety.

These digital regions are similar to the larger problems and solutions that big cities must tackle today.

Besides economic development use case(s), the district’s residential community will be concerned about personal safety and security.

CivicConnect Solution

CivicConnect offers a smart data management platform and mobile software platform addressing the needs of Smart Districts. Applying solutions scaled from SmartCities to Smart Districts, the platform aggregates real-time and static data sources (e.g., IoT sensor, user generated, enterprise systems, operations and application-curated data) that connects citizens, district businesses, development partners, centralized operations, and district personnel. The platform’s full utilization of the smart district’s infrastructure focuses on services-to-market to promote new services or business, monitor public infrastructure, and protect citizens.


  • Enhances the commercial activities with  residents, visitors, and business owners within the operating district
  • Provides data for smooth and efficient operational and ongoing maintenance activities in the District
  • Promotes new, integrated services, and revenue opportunities via electronic displays, kiosks, and mobile applications
  • Connecting with residents to Improve public safety & security
  • Provide for local contextual relevant News and Alerts
  • Fast deployments with applications to scale across multiple regions / districts