CivicConnect Security & Safety

CivicConnect Security & Safety

City administrators and field workers gain powerful analytics, dashboards and smart systems to address and solve for security & safety challenges while providing local residents and visitors a powerful tool to help feel empowered and safe.

    Actualize Real-Time Data

Ingest data feeds from multiple agencies along with IoT sensors, public, private, application-curated and real-time data sources

    Instant Notifications

Instant notification of incidents allow for faster deployments to first responders

mobile  Augmented Reality

Activate augmented reality (AR) to access and filter points of interest, real-time neighborhood views, incidents, etc.

The Platform

CivicConnect provides a single, scalable and flexible platform to enable powerful applications. By visualizing and actualizing data sources across all city assets, administrators and first responders can improve operations and response times to emergency services, transportation and critical utilities while providing citizens & visitors a powerful tool to help feel empowered and safe.

City Administrator Dashboards

Powerful, real-time data collection and analytics fuel an administration dashboard that helps city administrators improve safety planning, thoughtfully allocate resources, rapidly deploy first responders and instantly alerting people in response to weather and crime incidents across the city.

Field Worker & First Responder Mobile Apps

Go mobile with AR-powered applications allowing both field workers and first responders efficient ways to communicate with administrators, while expediting and tracking responses to incidents and tasks.

Citizen & Visitor Mobile Apps

From real-time surveillance and incident reporting to immediate weather and crime alerts, citizens, tourists and business travelers can feel safe and connected while navigating around the city with AR-powered interactive mobile applications.

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