CivicConnect Platform

CivicConnect provides government agencies and strategic partners a one-stop, integrated Smart City Platform with the technology to deploy applications necessary in creating a digital infrastructure for future city growth.

The platform provides administrators and city workers an efficient way to interact with city assets while aggregating and curating a multitude of real-time and static data sets (e.g. IoT sensor, public, private, application-curated) for easy visualization, monitoring, messaging and reporting. View information in real-time with powerful dashboards and heat maps across interactive websites, tablets, kiosks, laptops, and mobile devices.

Built on top of microservices architecture, CivicConnect’s secure, cloud-based backend provides advanced database and document management including: CMS system, media uploader, data ingestion & aggregation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, triggers and much more.

Mobilize Your Information

Launch iOS and Android mobile apps simultaneously with full backend support and 3rd party API integration, making CivicConnect the easiest and most efficient way to deploy world-class mobile products. Yelp, Lyft, Uber, Google, FourSquare, Twitter, and more 3rd party APIs can be integrated with ease.

Developer Ready

CivicConnect’s Backend Server API’s & Mobile Software Development Kit create an expandable system that allows for a 3rd party developer community to build backend and client-side applications.

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