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Six ways augmented reality can help you see more clearly

March 10, 2017 News

Augmented reality, or AR, has been called the next big paradigm shift in computing, tantamount to the kind of transformational changes that the internet and the smartphone made in the field. Global technology leaders, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Snapchat and Apple, have all staked significant claims in the AR “digital” land rush. How will this “next big thing” impact governments and governance? Read More


Greg Curtin to speak at AWE USA 2017

March 9, 2017 News

Greg Curtin, Founder and CEO of CivicConnect, will speak at Augmented World Expo (AWE) USA 2017 this spring. The largest AR & VR event in the world will take place May 31st through June 2nd in Santa Clara California. 

Curtin will present CivicAR, the first mobile AR solution specifically for the public sector, helping cities cater to the increasing expectations of mobile residents, visitors and workers. Though the event features representatives from all industries and sectors, Curtin will demonstrate how AR can be applied to the public sector in everything from transportation to tourism to utilities, creating efficient, connected communities, a step on the path to a smart city.

Representatives from Wikitude, Niantic, Oculus/Facebook, DAQRI, and Qualcomm are just a few of the AR and VR leaders that will also be speaking at the 8th annual AWE USA conference. The event will feature 6 tracks for its 5,000 attendees including: Inspire, Design, Develop, Work, Life, and Startup Pitches. To learn more about AWE USA 2017 and to register, click here

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IoT proposals overflow Boston’s inbox following smart city RFI

February 15, 2017 News

Boston got so many responses to its smart city RFI released in December that the city is extending its timeline to sort through it all, a representative from the mayor’s office told StateScoop on Tuesday. CivicConnect was called out for its augmented reality proposal

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6 ways augmented reality can help governments see more clearly

February 13, 2017 News

Augmented reality, or AR, has been called the next big paradigm shift in computing, tantamount to the kind of transformational changes that the internet and the smartphone made in the field. 

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GovTech 100: Our Second Take on an Emerging Marketplace

January 6, 2017 News

CivicConnect was recently selected to be included in the 2017 GovTech 100 – a foundational group of companies we felt embodied the essence of the space and a good starting place to understand a market lacking in the attention it deserves.

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AWS Releases Case Study on Partner CRG and California’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)

November 17, 2016 News

MTC contracted with Civic Resource Group, an AWS Partner, to migrate its various websites to CRG’s CivicConnect Platform, which runs on AWS. CRG designed and implemented the full website architecture for 511. MTC now has one unified website so Bay Area travelers have a single source for transportation information.

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The Pokemon Go Effect: Why Augmented Reality Is Finally Taking Hold in Government

August 24, 2016 News

A series of new business ideas have been floating around for at least a decade, but the maturation of data science and Internet of Things technologies paired with a popular mobile game has government officials taking augmented reality seriously.

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“What is Augmented Reality?”

August 8, 2016 News

At the intersection of the open data movement and a growing Internet of Things, augmented reality promises to deliver information and enrich daily life more seamlessly than technology ever has before.

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“3D Government: How Will AR Disrupt the Future of Technology?”

June 12, 2016 News

Bold claims are again being made by hot new startups and the technology giants about the coming age of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications. While most of the focus has been on gaming, retail and travel, the impact for governments could be huge. Here’s why.

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“Augmented Reality to Improve Urban Mobility”

April 27, 2016 News

As urban population grows, travel from one place to another efficiently is becoming a daunting task. Applications that leverage technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR)- the ability to provide additional information in real world context- could hold the key to address these issues.

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