Challenges Facing Smart Cities

Cities face challenges on establishing a digital infrastructure for future city growth:

Data and applications between departments are developed independently of each other

Keeping up with constantly changing technology, incurring a rise in operational costs

Financial barriers within departments restrain cities from creating a digital infrastructure for sustainability

Time-to-value of creating and deploying smart infrastructure within cities is time consuming due to the diversity, volume and inconsistency of independent data sets

Difficulty aggregating and leveraging multi-layered data sources to solve for holistic challenges

The CivicConnect Solution

CivicConnect offers a secure, single-source Smart Cities Platform and mobile software development kit (SDK) which enables cities to deliver smart applications to better serve their citizens, visitors and city workers. The platform provides administrators, city workers and citizens a seamless interaction throughout the city by collecting and streamlining real-time and static data sources (e.g. IoT sensor, public, private and application-curated) for easy visualization, monitoring, messaging, and reporting.

  • View information in real-time with powerful dashboards and applications across interactive websites, tablets, kiosks, laptops, and mobile devices
  • Deploy world-class mobile products across iOS & Android
  • Streamline multiple city department solutions into one working platform
  • Decrease operational costs with scalable technology built on microservices
  • Faster deployment decreasing time to value by collecting and standardizing data sets