CivicConnect Urban Mobility

Help commuters, residents and visitors efficiently navigate to their destinations. Increase the utilization of all mobility options. Reduce congestion and improve sustainability.

map    Choice in Mobility

Provide multi-modal transportation options for reduced congestion and efficient urban mobility

    Multiple Data Sources

Integrate diverse real-time and static, public and private mobility data

  CivicAR® Augmented Reality

Enable users to “see” and explore mobility information with the CivicAR Mobile Platform

Multi-Modal Trip Planner

Offer choice and access to mobility options through side-by-side comparisons of routes, each combining various modes of transportation (public transport, ride sharing, biking and/or walking) and displaying valuable information on travel time and cost. Providing a range of options to all users ensures the city optimizes mobility in their urban environment.

Real-Time Transit Data

Promote the use of public transportation by providing real-time departure information. Informed and satisfied users will be encouraged to consider public and alternative transit.

Real-Time Traffic Data

Help users efficiently navigate the city by providing current traffic data including real-time speeds and incident reports.

Real-Time Map Information

Engage users through an interactive map with powerful data and map layers including traffic speed, carpool lanes, special events and more.

Transit Tracker

Increase ease-of-use and usage by allowing travelers to personalize their interactions with the mobility options. Show them real-time departure information for their favorite stops and transit agencies on the device of their choice.

Notifications & Alerts

Maintain a channel to communicate critical incidents, construction and transportation updates, as well as emergency alerts and information.

Find Parking

Ensure that users can find the best available parking option to meet their needs and preferences, and provide valuable information to inform their decision including cost, payment accepted, availability and hours of operation. Users can search for parking:


Location-aware to help users find parking wherever they are.

By Neighborhood:

Sort by map of areas and neighborhoods specific to your city or district.

By Place:

Find parking near a specific location.

Augmented Reality Experience

CivicConnect Urban Mobility can be integrated with the CivicAR Mobile Platform. Augmented Reality (AR) features can provide powerful ways for citizens and visitors to “see” and explore transportation choices and information.

Section 508 Compliant

The solution is designed and developed to meet current Section 508 web accessibility standards to ensure equal access for all users, including those with disabilities.