White Paper: The Top 100 Cities Primed for Smart City Innovation

6 March 2017
Cities are becoming smart. By investing in solutions that take advantage of the potential of big and open data to increase efficiency, cost savings, and opportunities for the public, cities are rapidly transforming into “smart cities.” But with over 90,000 local governments in the U.S., how do you know what cities will benefit the most from smart city initiatives? Here at CivicConnect we set out to answer that question, with a special focus on smart mobility.

White Paper: Augmented Reality in Urban Mobility

11 May 2016
Augmented Reality technology enables governments and public sector agencies to deliver information and services directly to citizens and communities in a mobile and context-specific (e.g. where you are; where you’re pointing your mobile device) way. Civic Resource Group (CRG) is using this new Augmented Reality technology to providen practical solutions for the public sector.

CivicConnect Platform Datasheet

This cloud-based data management, development and deployment platform is purpose-built for the public sector, enabling Augmented Reality based mobile and web applications for smart cities.

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CivicAR Datasheet

Enable applications to instantly make information available to the user in the context of the real world through Augmented Reality (AR) for a transformative user experience.

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CivicConnect Economic Development Datasheet

Help citizens and visitors alike truly explore all the city has to offer by providing the tools and information to find exactly what they’re looking for or try something new.

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CivicConnect Urban Mobility Datasheet

Help commuters, residents and visitors efficiently navigate to their destinations. Increase the utilization of all mobility options. Reduce congestion and improve sustainability.

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CivicConnect Asset Management Datasheet

Provide city workers the tools to access immediate, accurate information pertaining to any asset or location to simplify and enhance service delivery.

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Dr. Curtin Speaks at General Session, Gov Transformation 2016

February 3, 2016

Resolving Traffic & Parking Issues in Your Smart City

December 1, 2015

CivicConnect Overview

CivicAR Demo

CRG’s CivicAR Augmented Reality capabilities, integrated with the CivicConnect Platform and CivicConnect applications

GoLauderdale & Visit Palm Springs Demo

CivicConnect for Go Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, FL & Visit Palm Springs, Palm Springs, CA

MTC NextGen Demo

CivicConnect for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), San Francisco/Bay Area, CA

San Francisco’s MTC 511 NextGen Case Study

he Metropolitan Transportation Commission, or MTC, is the transportation planning, financing, and coordinating agency for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area. MTC collaborates with a network of other public agencies to help support the streets, roads, highways, transit systems, and other transportation resources that help millions of people get to where they need to be. The Bay Area’s nine counties and 101 cities maintain over 42,000 lane- miles of local streets and roads, and Bay Area transit systems accommodate some 1.5 million trips each day.

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GoLauderdale Case Study

The Fort Lauderdale Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was formed to provide for the rehabilitation, redevelopment, and revitalization of slum and blighted areas Downtown. The Fort Lauderdale DDA’s mission is to focus on growing the residential community and the amenities that service it, highlighting the regional activity center as the downtown of Broward County, and facilitating its physical and economic development.

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Visit Palm Springs Case Study

The Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism is the City’s official destination marketing organization whose focus is to promote the City to consumers, the media, and domestic and international trade buyers, thus increasing the transient occupancy taxes and sales taxes generated for the City, and increasing the City’s exposure as a world-class year-round leisure destination. The Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism is operated and managed by SMG.

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San Diego CivicSD Case Study

Civic San Diego (CivicSD) is a city-owned non-profit that is the entrepreneurial development partner for targeted urban neighborhoods. CivicSD was created by the City of San Diego to engage in public-private development projects and programs, economic development, land use and permitting services, and project management services.

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CivicAR Mobile Platform Factsheet

CivicAR Mobile Platform Datasheet

Learn more about the features of our CivicAR Mobile Platform and how it can benefit your Smart City.