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This cloud-based data management, development & deployment platform is purpose-built for the public sector, enabling Augmented Reality (AR) based mobile & web applications for smart cities.

   Quick Development

Speed development with a single platform for integrating a diverse set of data sources

  Compelling Applications

Deliver compelling urban mobility & exploration applications with CivicAR capabilities

    Actionable Analytics

Gain actionable intelligence with a dashboard for reporting and analytics

Built for the Public Sector

Speed development with predefined datatypes and schemas for the public sector.

Data Management

Integrate and manage structured public data sources, commercial data sources and unstructured data sources in a single repository. Allow for data sharing and connectedness across platform-enabled applications.

Augmented Reality Experience

Create a compelling, contextual experience through AR enabled mobile applications that overlay rich data and information on the real-world with the integrated CivicAR Mobile Platform.

Mobile Ready

Develop applications that engage citizens and visitors with iOS and Android application support.


Integrate systems such as payments or reservations, providing an end-to-end experience in each of your platform-enabled applications.


Better understand and meet user priorities and preferences, and enhance city responsiveness through actionable analytics.

Open Source

The platform is built on top of industry standard open source components that reduce the costs of licensing and maintenance. This also enables rapid application development, flexible data integration and technology adaptation to help future-proof your smart city solutions in this rapidly changing technology environment.


CivicConnect Urban MobilityCivicConnect Economic Development and CivicConnect Asset Management are built on top of the CivicConnect Platform.

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