Fort Lauderdale Harnesses Multi-Modal Mobility Options to Promote City Offerings

GoLauderdale Mobile Screenshots

Fort Lauderdale Downtown Development Authority

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“This is the first time we’ve been able to make a direct causal link between smart city infrastructure and a cohesive consumer-facing tourism application leveraging the Internet of Things. This is the future of travel.”

-Greg Oates, Senior Editor, SKIFT

The Fort Lauderdale Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was formed to provide for the rehabilitation, redevelopment, and revitalization of slum and blighted areas Downtown. The Fort Lauderdale DDA’s mission is to focus on growing the residential community and the amenities that service it, highlighting the regional activity center as the downtown of Broward County, and facilitating its physical and economic development.

The Challenge:

Catapulted by federal funding for their new Wave Trolly, the Fort Lauderdale DDA set out to provide a single source for accessing information on the various modes of transportation available in Fort Lauderdale. They also wanted to showcase the restaurants, shops, hotels, nightlife, events and activities available to citizens and visitors in the city. The Fort Lauderdale DDA needed a tool for users to find their ideal destination, and get them there.

The CivicConnect Solution:

CivicConnect offers features for both finding exactly what you’re looking for and navigating there, providing an end-to-end experience for those visiting and living in Fort Lauderdale. Selecting any one of Fort Lauderdale’s various dining locations, shops, accommodations and more, the user can learn valuable information about each option and choose their ideal destination. The Get Around feature then provides a multi-modal trip planner, with an interactive map of Fort Lauderdale. The map displays the route and turn-by-turn directions for a seamless navigation experience.

The CivicConnect Impact:

Together, the Fort Lauderdale DDA and CivicConnect are ensuring efficient urban mobility for this regional center. GoLauderdale offers a comprehensive web and mobile, augmented reality enabled travel tool that is drawing significant media attention to the Fort Lauderdale area. Future phases will integrate GoLauderdale with kiosks throughout Downtown. Those visiting and living in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, users who are accustomed to information overload, now have an immersive, contextual resource for truly experiencing the city.