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CivicAR Mobile Platform

Enable applications to instantly make information available to the user in the context of the real world through Augmented Reality (AR) for a transformative user experience.

    Develop Engaging Applications

Leverage AR capabilities to delight your users

city    Promote Your City

Promote new areas, local businesses, culture, events, city offerings and more

    Improve Service Delivery

Enhance efficiency and simplify service delivery for public workers

Data and Information Overlay

AR adds a layer of rich data and information to any application that enhances points of interest including city assets, buildings, and signs.

For Citizens & Visitors: This interactive environment draws individuals to new locations, helps them find their way, encourages exploring culture and local businesses, and adds a digital element to navigating city assets that sets any city apart.

For Public Workers: AR provides easy access to instant, real time information about any asset or location to maximize efficiency and enhance service delivery.

Get Around/Wayfinding

Once users have chosen their destination, provide directions via AR navigation for a complete end-to-end experience. An arrow appearing on top of the real-world view can provide step-by-step walking directions from the user’s current location to their selected point of interest.

Virtual Teleportation

Before they arrive, users can set their location to a destination, venue or point of interest and through AR virtually explore what’s nearby.

Integrated with the CivicConnect Platform

The CivicAR Mobile Platform is supported by the CivicConnect Platform, a data management, development and deployment platform for the public sector. The platform enables mobile, data driven applications with augmented reality capabilities for smart cities. CivicConnect easily scales from local implementations to large-scale regional implementations.

CivicConnect Urban MobilityCivicConnect Economic Development and CivicConnect Asset Management are built on top of the CivicAR Mobile Platform. Developers can also use the CivicAR Mobile Platform to develop custom mobile Smart City applications with augmented reality features.

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