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CivicConnect Asset Management

Provide city workers the tools to access immediate, accurate information pertaining to any asset or location to simplify and enhance asset management.

check    Increased Accuracy & Efficiency

Provide field workers a mobile tool to access asset and location specific data and information

   Training & Safety Precautions

Ensure workers view notices, warnings and videos based on their level of experience before completing a task

  CivicAR® Augmented Reality

Simplify & improve work processes by displaying contextual information through the CivicAR Mobile Platform

Real-Time Content & Information

City and agency workers can access real-time information about specific assets and locations. Users can find these through a list view, on an interactive map, or by simply pointing their device in a given direction and using Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality Experience

Augmented Reality (AR) adds a layer of rich data and information to any public asset or location. This interactive environment ensures that workers can find their desired asset or location, and retrieve real-time information pertaining to that specific point of interest. This visual, contextual display of information increases the efficiency and accuracy of service delivery.

Asset Management System Integration

Integrate with existing asset management systems to ensure valuable asset specific data is accessible and usable in a mobile work environment.

Get Around/Wayfinding

Once users have selected their destination, provide directions via their preferred mode of transportation, including AR navigation, for a complete end-to-end experience. The route and turn by turn directions are displayed on a map to ensure a seamless wayfinding experience to the job site.

Quality Training & Safety Precautions

Communicate asset or location specific warnings and reminders to reduce safety risks during task completion. For new employees, tutorials and videos can be assigned to each point of interest to improve accuracy and enhance safety precautions.

Virtual Teleportation

Help workers familiarize themselves with a job location or plan ahead. Before they arrive, users can set their location to a destination, asset or venue and, through AR, virtually explore their surroundings.

Built on the CivicConnect Platform and the CivicAR Mobile Platform


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